General Warning: Bad Mod Authors cannot be trusted

This is what you get after supporting certain mod authors.

It does not reflect well on the rest of


At the moment I am expecting a formal apology and a quick fix of the issues created by the bad mod authors, and them and CaiMoGu taking responsibility.

I will check from time to time. If the problem is not fixed within the next 72 hours, I will stop using I cannot accept such disrespect from mod authors towards supporters.

Update: 10.03.2023

Since caimogu and the mod author failed to take responsibility of their actions, I can and will no longer support and use caimogu. I will however let my posts as they are, for those who come after me and need some guidance about the website. Future questions you might have about e.g. New Member Guide, please direct towards management.

Thank you for your understanding.

by Anna Bielikova Update on 2023-03-10
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